9 ways to increase your restaurant’s search visibility

Restaurants learn how to increase restaurant search visibility and boost online presence in today's blog.

In 2023, social media for businesses is no longer optional—and as the food delivery market continues to boom—tech savvy restaurateurs are making their online presence a priority.

We know time is money in the restaurant business, so we’ve outlined some actionable steps you can take to increase your restaurant’s search visibility. While improving your restaurant’s online health is a marathon—not a sprint—there are small changes you can make today to boost your restaurant’s visibility on Google.

The good news? You don’t have to be an SEO expert or marketing wizard to master them. Let’s dive into the 9 ways you can easily increase your restaurant’s visibility today.

9 ways to boost your restaurant's visibility on Google

1. Optimise your Google Business Profile

Did you know the average optimised Google Business Profile listing gets 5x more views than a listing that has not been optimised? Creating a Business Profile for your restaurant allows you to control the information displayed on Google Search and Google Maps - like your business address, opening hours, phone number, menu items, ordering options, etc. In the end, it’s a matter of credibility. Customers are twice as likely to consider a business reputable and 70% more likely to visit if it has a complete profile on Google Search and Maps.

With features like sharing updates, responding to reviews, and adding pictures, you will be able to connect with customers in new ways.Google results are optimised to help find nearby businesses, so having a Google Business Profile for your restaurant will help people find you. You can accept reservations and online orders from your profile, converting searchers into customers. For more information on optimising your Google Business profile, click here.

2. Invest in a great website

A good website converts a user into a customer quickly. Make sure your website is up to date, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. Include buttons to book a reservation online, order food (if you don’t have a direct-to-consumer ordering platform, list all the third apps with hyperlinks to your restaurant), and menu.

3. List your menu online

93% of customers look for online menus before dining out or ordering in. That means it’s a no brainer to keep your menu fully up-to-date and listed on your website, Google Business Profile, Facebook, and Instagram highlights. Providing your customer with the exact items available will reduce the time it takes for your staff to relay info on the phone and avoid disappointment if an item is no longer on your menu.

4. Require reservations

Requiring reservations helps you manage orders and increases customer touchpoints. It creates a channel for guests to send feedback about their experiences, ultimately increasing the probability of a customer finding your restaurant online and returning to your restaurant.

5. Be consistent on social media

Post frequently on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok - depending on who your main customer type might be. You can then repurpose your restaurant content on Google posts. Make sure to create location-specific content to reach customers near you. Create engaging content representing your restaurant’s brand identity—but feel free to capitalize on timely trends and trending sounds on Instagram reels. Use three hashtags per post related to the restaurant industry. According to the American delivery platform Doordash, the most popular hashtags for restaurants includes #happyhour, #foodie, #delish.

Check out these resources to master restaurant marketing today:

  1. 27 Instagram Reels ideas for restaurants in 2022 (with examples!)
  2. Templates and tips to help you master social media marketing for restaurants
  3. Boost Your Restaurant’s Delivery Sales with Automated Marketing

6. Be responsive online

Spend twenty minutes community managing across your digital platforms each day. Respond to every review (negative or positive) using our review template responses for restaurants. Encourage UGC (user-generated content) by reposting customers’ content at your restaurant or your food. Establish a community by featuring your customers and offering special promotions to those who repost your restaurant’s content and tag a friend.

7. Use keywords

We know customers discover many restaurants online. Include keywords using tools like SEMrush or Google Keywords to find the best keywords related to your restaurant/ cuisine.

For example, if you run an Italian restaurant in Notting Hill, London put “Italian cuisine near Notting Hill” on your website. This way you’re attracting your niche customer base through words that they’d most likely search when their craving for Italian food in their area hits.

8. Build Local Business Partnerships

Reach out to local food journalists and influencers to visit your restaurant. This is a modern, creative way to share your business through word of mouth online. You can also encourage write-ups in your local paper by reaching out proactively to tell local businesses about new deals and promotions you may be running (think themed days, seasonal favourites, or free delivery fee days!).

Another favourite is collaborating with local businesses to host an event (i.e., book reading at your restaurant or live music).

9. Harness the power of real-time data

Get a 360 view of how your restaurant is performing through Otter’s best-in-class data & analytics dashboard. Monitor and grow your business performance across multiple brands, locations, and delivery partners.

Otter Insights lets you analyse your sales, operations, finances, marketing performance, and more. Insights allows you to take advantage of performance and financial data to understand how all your restaurants are doing.

Always in the dark on how to improve operations and sales? Make better data-driven decisions when you know the reasons behind order issues, or what your top menu items were last week.

Unsure if your menu is good enough? Take a deep dive into your menu performance and see item-level sales for all your mains and even add-ons.

Sick of confusing, messy spreadsheets? Download and print easy-to-understand consolidated reports for flexible reporting and analysis together with your other systems.

If you're looking to increase your restaurant's search visibility, try Otter! Otter is designed to simplify and superpower your delivery business—with POS integration, menu management, insights, and automated marketing, Otter will help your restaurant stand out from the competition.

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