How's your delivery business doing? Learn how you can increase efficiency and decrease stress with Otter's order management solutions

Say goodbye to the tablet chaos, eliminate the possibility of human error through auto-accept, and partner with multiple delivery services without the extra stress!

Running a successful restaurant takes hard work, perseverance, grit, and creativity. While restaurateurs know to expect the unexpected, COVID-19’s massive impact on the hospitality industry was something no one could have prepared for. The cultural shifts coming out of the pandemic resulted in what experts believe will be permanent shifts in how your customers order & enjoy food, and how you deliver it to them. Take, for example, the fact that 60% of shoppers now see Home Meal Delivery as a different occasion than going out to eat.

The forward thinking restaurateur sees this shift in customer behavior as an opportunity that will benefit their bottomline. But maintaining a successful delivery business in addition to on-premise can also result in inefficiencies, errors and increased stress levels for your team.

Otter provides restaurants like yours with a range of order management solutions from order auto-acceptance, to menu management, storefront pausing and more. Keep reading to learn how Otter’s order management solutions can increase efficiency and decrease stress in your restaurant.

You know better than anyone that a lot goes into running a restaurant. From hiring to inventory, customer service to marketing, bookkeeping to operations, profitability and reputation maintenance, you have a lot on your plate. And with increased adoption of online ordering, it might feel like you now have to be a tech professional & data expert as well just to ensure your operations are running smoothly. Running a profitable and efficient delivery business shouldn’t result in an increase in missed orders & order errors, a chaotic front of house, or cluttered counters. Say goodbye to tablet chaos with Otter. One tablet, all your delivery apps, storefronts & orders. 

Let’s dig into the top 5 features within Otter’s suite of order management solutions that help restaurant’s like yours take control of your delivery business! 

What is Otter’s order management solution? Think of Otter’s order management solution as the centralised hub for delivering online orders. It allows you to take control of your online orders through tablet consolidation, order management, growth and partnership.

1. Defeat tablet hell. One tablet, all your online orders. 

  • Aggregate your orders from each of your  online ordering apps into one feed & printer.
  • Directly send all your delivery orders to your POS to increase efficiency and decrease errors.
"It was complete chaos. A lot of restaurants refer to what we were experiencing as ‘tablet hell.’ And that’s what it was. We had five tablets dining at one time, constant sounds and notifications. Then we integrated with Toast and our direct-to-consumer delivery began automatically flowing into our POS which removed one tablet, but the team was still struggling to keep up with four while doing everything else. We were missing orders, making errors, and duplicating orders accidentally. We had to constantly cross-reference the size of the check with our point-of-sale system to make sure we got everything right which wasted a lot of time. It was a mess.” - Jason Stephens, General Manager, Floridino's Pizza & Pasta

2. Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and csv files. One dashboard, all your delivery performance data, order details and history.

  • See performance across all delivery channels in one place.
  • Gain insight into past order issues to resolve them and stop missing out on revenue.
“Being able to see super advanced, consolidated performance reports is next level. I’m able to monitor key metrics like missed orders and cancellations from every delivery service in a single place. This level of insight helps me make growth and expansion decisions based on holistic data.” - Desi Saran, Founder & CEO, Sweetberry

3. Control your delivery storefront and hours in real time. Update your hours, menu items and more with a few clicks.

Keep your menu and store hours up to date in real time. 86 items when you run out of ingredients, and update menu items or prices when things change. Pause store hours and make operating hour updates on all platforms through a single process.

“You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Super easy setup and you can consolidate all of your delivery orders into one place. Makes life a lot easier in this already stressful industry. Managing all incoming orders, prep times and more from one place is a tremendous benefit for all restaurants.”  - Raz Mahrouk, VP of Operations, Dog Haus

4. No more missed orders or order errors. Automatically accept each of your delivery orders to increase revenue, ratings, and customer satisfaction.

  • Auto-accept and print ensures you miss fewer orders to increase your fulfilment and revenue.
  • Eliminate "human error" in order fulfilment.
  • Use POS integration and say goodbye to the hassle of manually entering each order into POS
“We were able to fully integrate Otter into the operations of all of our stores within a month of our initial launch, and have never been happier with a cross-functional partner that is able to deliver results on streamlining our POS-operations. The Otter tablet alerts our team of incoming orders, with tickets and receipts automatically being pushed and printed to our KDS and POS – sometimes even before the alert goes off!” -  Jason Lam, Creative Director & Head of Marketing at Fukuryu Ramen

5. Looking for ways to increase reach and revenue without increasing stress? Grow your delivery business with new delivery platforms and virtual brands.

  • Increase your reach and revenue through new delivery platforms and virtual brands.
  • Partner with multiple delivery services without the extra stress. 
  • Use your current inventory and space to turn out more deliveries to more customers through multiple storefronts with virtual brands.
“I run eight virtual brands out of a single kitchen here at Figueroa Philly. Without Otter and Future Foods, I’m not sure if Figueroa Philly would even still be operating. It’s been a game changer. You really can’t go wrong. I get to keep my people employed, keep my doors open, and experiment constantly. Even when this pandemic is over, I don’t think delivery is going anywhere. It’s a new chapter for the restaurant industry – we’ve been hit hard, and all we can do is try our best, be creative, and improvise.” - Danny Hizami, Owner, Figueroa Philly

Restaurants, taking control of your delivery business doesn’t get any easier than with Otter’s Order management solution. 

Say goodbye to the tablet chaos, eliminate the possibility of human error through auto-accept, and partner with multiple delivery services without the extra stress!  

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