Introducing Direct Orders: Your Online Ordering Solution

Your restaurant’s online orders are about to get faster, easier, and better. Win engagement, make profit, and succeed with Direct Orders.

Online ordering is a crucial component of today’s restaurant industry, but keeping it under control is tough for the busy restaurateur. Your kitchens have enough plates in the air, and too many delivery apps can make your whole system come crashing down. Dealing with each app’s own delivery radiuses, fulfilment providers, and commission fees is a major obstacle to your productivity, not to mention your bottom line. You need an easier way to manage your online orders – and now, with Direct Orders by Otter, you’ve got one.  

Direct Orders puts you in control of your restaurant’s entire online ordering process. If you want your orders to meet your exact needs – instead of following someone else’s rules – Direct Orders is for you. It gives you a unique ordering link for your social media channels to make placing orders with your restaurant easier. The best part? Zero commission fees, making every order worth it. But that’s not all. Here’s why Direct Orders is your restaurant’s key to success in online ordering – and beyond. 

Take control of your order channels

Maintaining control over your customer’s experience is critical for success. Relying solely on third-party delivery apps can be risky, as they charge up to 30% in commission fees. This cuts into your profits and limits your control over the ordering process. Additionally, it restricts your access to valuable customer data, making it harder to personalise the ordering experience and build customer loyalty. Direct Orders keeps you in control throughout the entire ordering process, so you’re always making the right decisions for your business. 

By synching Direct Orders with your restaurant’s POS system, you can monitor and control your online orders from wherever works best for you. It also integrates with the entire Otter suite, letting you manage all of your business’s activities – online and off. This level of control keeps your staff, couriers, and customers aligned, ensuring that the order process is always smooth, fast, and powerful. With Direct Orders, you stay the boss.

Eliminate commission fees

There’s no getting around it: most online ordering systems come with commission fees, typically of at least 30%. Those fees can eat into restaurants’ profit margins – and pass the costs along to your customers. While some patrons may feel more comfortable ordering from third-party platforms, many value the prestige behind a first-party service. That’s where Direct Orders comes in! The service has zero commission fees, so you can make the most of every sale. Direct Orders strengthens profits on its own or partnered with a third-party platform, ensuring that you never lose out. 

No commission fees means no customer apprehension, no lost revenue, and a higher take-home payout. By using Direct Orders, you can profit on every item on your menu – even at eater-friendly price points. Reinvest in your business’s growth, empower your staff, and consistently increase your quality with every commission-free dollar you save. Direct Orders is the ideal ordering system for your budget.

Get your unique order link

One of the big issues with using multiple delivery services is that you have to direct customers to multiple platforms and delivery apps. What if a customer doesn’t use the platform your restaurant does? What if signing up for that platform takes too long? What if that platform’s commission fees are too high? When building customer engagement, every question and every second puts your business that much closer to losing a sale. Direct Orders eliminates those questions – and those seconds – so customers can place their orders ASAP. 

Direct Orders gives your restaurant a unique link that brings customers directly to your online ordering system, no app required. That’s a single personalised link – one that you can add to any of your social media bios, emails, website, and anywhere else! This makes the customer journey nearly instantaneous, and ensures that ordering from your business never leaves their mind. Direct Orders’ link-in-bio solution is vital for getting the most out of your restaurants’ online presence.

Personalise your online ordering

As a restaurateur, you’ve worked hard to maintain your business’s standards and practices. You have processes in place that make sense for your staff and your budget – so why change them? With Direct Orders, you don’t have to accommodate any other company’s demands for online ordering. Its features are fully customisable, so you and your staff can manage your online orders – not the other way around. 

Set your own delivery radiuses to keep orders fresh and customers happy. Choose the fulfillment provider that you prefer, and feel confident that every order will be delivered well. Select – or remove – additional order costs to make prices effective. No matter what you want your online ordering experience to be like, Direct Orders has the tools for you.

Enhance customer experiences

If there’s one thing that restaurant customers hate, it’s waiting. Another thing they hate? Poor delivery experiences. A third thing? Order mistakes. Get the picture? All of these issues stem from an uncooperative online ordering service, and they can all result in weak reviews, weak retention, and weak sales. So don’t let online ordering drag your business down – use Direct Orders to create an excellent experience for everyone involved. 

Direct Orders’ value extends far beyond your restaurant’s walls. By streamlining and organising your team’s efforts, it ensures customers receive their food faster and fresher. The system also increases your order accuracy, spurring five-star reviews and a strong reputation for your business. You can even reward loyal customers with digital coupons, making your orders and profits grow in turn. No matter how much your restaurant loves Direct Orders, we assure you: your customers will love it more.

Launch your Direct-to-Consumer ordering system today!

The features we’ve described here are just a few of the ways Direct Orders benefits your restaurant. Get started with Direct Orders by Otter today to discover how direct-to-consumer ordering makes every order better. 

Looking for a way to hype up your new online ordering service? Enjoy our complimentary Direct Orders promotion templates! Simply download and edit to reach new and existing customers!

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