Food Delivery Trends across the UK in 2022

We analysed 5 million delivery orders in the United Kingdom. Here’s what we learned about food delivery trends and ordering behaviour in 2022.

As a global company with restaurant partners from Brazil to Beijing and everywhere in between, at Otter we make it a priority to keep up with food delivery trends year-round. We analised over 5 million delivery orders across the United Kingdom to bring you exclusive information on when, what, and how Brits order in.

In this in-depth report you’ll learn:

  • When people order delivery
  • How much people spend on delivery
  • What people order for delivery
  • How people order delivery
  • And more!
Food Delivery Trends across the UK in 2022 Report

Otter’s Restaurant Food Delivery Trends report takes a deep dive into British consumer preferences so that restaurants like yours can stay on top of the major shifts in the delivery industry. While the food delivery market is rapidly evolving and expanding, this report will help restaurant owners take advantage of emerging opportunities, brace for the challenges and deliver a smooth off-premise dining experience.

Read on to get a sneak peek of the report on online ordering behaviour and trends to learn how you can deliver the last bite that keeps your customers coming back for more.

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the most popular days to order delivery

People across the UK enjoy ordering in during the weekend. Sunday is the busiest day for food delivery, followed closely by Saturday, and Friday. The number of orders remains steady at the beginning of the week with a slight spike on Thursdays.

Download the full Food Delivery Trends report to see the number of food delivery orders by day of the week and time of the day.

Chart showing food delivery orders by day of the week in the UK

Dinner rules over any other meal when ordering in

Dinner is the most popular meal when it comes to delivery with half of the orders coming in after 6 p.m. Lunch comes in second place, closely followed by the mid-afternoon slot (tea, anyone?). While the average ticket value is relatively steady throughout the week, we see a sizeable difference in spending from meal to meal. Brits are not only more likely to order dinner, but they’re also willing to spend more on it.

The full report breaks down the number of food delivery orders by meal and the average spending by meal and day of the week. You’ll be surprised to learn how much customers spend during the late-night slot!

Chart showing that half of food delivery orders are for dinner, coming in after 6 p.m

Brits’ favourite cravings unveiled: Indian and burgers top the list

There are thousands of South Asian restaurants in the United Kingdom, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Indian dishes top the charts when it comes to the most-ordered cuisines. This is followed by world-favourites burgers and pizza.

Download the full Food Delivery Trends report to reveal the top 10 cuisines per region across the UK. The fourth place will surprise you!

Podium showing the top cuisine types people order for delivery in the UK

Online ordering is the new normal

According to Statista, food delivery has become a global market worth more than $300 billion (£260 billion). The market’s largest segment is Platform-to-Consumer Delivery, owned by apps like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Just Eat in the UK. The Restaurant-to-Consumer segment has also seen considerable growth with businesses implementing in-house delivery services on their own or with solutions like Flipdish, QikServe, and Slerp.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the full 2022 Food Delivery Trends report

  • When do people order delivery? Learn more about the specific days and times people across the UK enjoy ordering in. The full report includes easy-to-interpret charts that show information on the days and times with the highest frequency of food delivery orders.
  • How much do people spend on delivery? Read more on the average amount Brits spend per delivery order, how it changes during the week, and the type of meal that they are more likely to splurge on.
  • What do people order for delivery? Discover the top 10 cuisines ordered the most across the UK and learn how these preferences change per region.
  • How do people order delivery? Read more on the food delivery market’s revenue estimates and forecasts for 2022 and beyond.
Image showing the busiest time for food delivery orders in the UK

What does this 2022 Food Delivery Trends report mean for your restaurant?

Do people order more during the workweek or on the weekend? What’s the average order value? Which time slot is the busiest for food delivery orders? What’s the most popular food choice on delivery apps? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, we’ve got you covered.

Running a restaurant is a tough job. From supervising employees and overseeing inventory to creating marketing campaigns and making delicious food for your customers. And now, with the increased adoption of online ordering, it might feel like you have to be a tech professional and data expert just to ensure your operations are running smoothly.

Here’s what Otter’s Food Delivery Trends report means for your restaurant:

  • This report provides key insights and predictions on what restaurateurs can expect from the food delivery market. These insights could spark the creation of new processes and systems within your restaurant to help you accommodate increased orders, especially during rush hours.
  • This report answers some frequently asked questions such as the percentage of food delivery orders per day, time, and meal, the food delivery average spending per day of the week and time, the most popular cuisine type per region, and more.
  • This report explores the key factors and indicators that influence British consumers’ buying decisions and choices. It also provides evidence-based tips that can help transform your restaurant business.

Are you ready to take advantage of the current trends? While the restaurant industry evolves quickly and constantly, you don’t have to face it alone. The team at Otter is here to help you turn these trends into more orders and increased tickets.

If you’re ready to leverage data to increase your restaurant’s delivery sales or want to learn more about the food delivery market in the UK, fill out the form below to access the full report.

Otter's 2022 Food Delivery Trends report was made using internal data from January 1st to June 30th 2022, analysing over 5 and a half million online orders processed through Otter across the United Kingdom. Any data from external sources is indicated.

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