How Sweetberry increases operational efficiency, decreases errors, and gains insight to grow the restaurant chain alongside Otter

“I've used other aggregators in the past, but Otter was the right move for Sweetberry's long-term tech stack and growth." -Desi Saran, Founder & CEO, Sweetberry


Sweetberry’s mission is simple: good people, good intentions, good (healthy) food, good vibes. Desi Saran, a seasoned entrepreneur, restaurateur, world traveler, and self-proclaimed jiu-jitsu nerd with a passion for health and wellness, founded Sweetberry in 2017. Created to cater to the ever-growing health-conscious consumer, Sweetberry offers fast and healthy alternatives that are both beautiful and delicious. “We hope to inspire people to be more conscious of their health and wellness from both the nutrition angle and the energy angle. Being able to educate the public about holistic wellness through nutritious, high-quality food is what gets me and my team most excited.”  

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Read on to learn how Sweetberry spreads good food and good vibes beyond their 13 brick & mortar locations with Otter. 

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The situation

Pre-pandemic, Sweetberry was already doing a high-volume of delivery orders. By January 2020, Desi and his team were using DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and Postmates, which was accounting for about 22% of the restaurant group’s sales. “As an entrepreneur, I always knew that off-premise was going to be a big focus for us. The pandemic really just accelerated the rate of our delivery growth.” A constant innovator, after signing up for the various food delivery services, Desi began optimizing Sweetberry’s delivery business through delivery-only menus delivery-only menus, pricing and products. One of those delivery-only menus was Sweetberry Poké. This “experiment” worked so well that Desi & his team decided to expand what was originally an açai only concept into a full-fledged health food restaurant. “Today we offer açai, poke, paninis, salad, wraps, smoothies and more.” 

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While the Sweetberry team was taking all the right steps towards succeeding in delivery – using multiple platforms, optimizing menus, and experimenting with new items – there was one constant point of tension that needed a solution. And when the pandemic hit, resulting in a major increase in delivery orders, that point of tension hit a breaking point. “All the tablets... The notifications were endless. We didn’t have a direct integration into our Clover POS which meant we were manually inputting orders resulting in errors, cancellations and stress.” 

At this point, Desi took a proactive approach and signed up for a delivery aggregation service. “We began working with (a competitor), but the product and partnership just wasn’t where we needed it to be. The user interface was complicated, the reporting was too topline, and (competitor) didn’t integrate with our Clover POS. That’s when I switched to Otter.”

healthy food delivery


Desi spoke to a customer success manager who explained the always-on partnership, seamless POS integration capabilities, and best-in-class insights and reporting suite. “The people at Otter who helped me get started have been incredible. There were a lot of nuances in getting every menu, delivery service, and location up and running, and the Otter team has been top notch throughout the whole process.”

How Sweetberry increases operational efficiency and decreases stress alongside Otter

“Almost immediately, we were able to get rid of all of our tablets and consolidate all of our orders into a single place. The auto-accept feature helps us miss fewer orders, and on top of that, the Otter tablet sends all of orders from every delivery service straight to our Clover POS. This has resulted in fewer errors, and a lot of time saved manually inputting every order into our point-of-sale system.”

Gaining insight and optimising performance through Otter’s best-in-class data and reporting

“Being able to see super advanced, consolidated performance reports is next level. I’m able to monitor key metrics like missed orders and cancellations from every delivery service in a single place. This level of insight helps me make growth and expansion decisions based on holistic data.” 


“I've already convinced my colleagues to join. Otter is far better than any other delivery aggregator I’ve worked with. We’re looking forward to working with Otter long term to continue growing our business.” 

Since partnering with Otter, Desi Saran and Sweetberry have seen a $3,646 increase in monthly sales. Other results include: 

  • 36% increase in delivery orders
  • 42% increase in revenue
  • 53% decrease in lost revenue

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