How to promote your restaurant on Uber Eats and increase your reach and sales

Learn how to effectively promote your restaurant on Uber Eats. From mastering the Uber Eats algorithm to leveraging sponsored listings, promotions, and multi-campaigns, we'll help you increase your reach and drive sales.

Promoting your restaurant on Uber Eats is a game-changer in today's competitive food delivery scene. In a world where there are many options, it's important to develop a strategic approach to increase visibility and entice customers.

Ready to dive in? Let's explore the insider tactics for promoting your restaurant on Uber Eats and unleashing its true potential.

We’ll cover:

  • The Uber Eats algorithm
  • Uber Eats Sponsored Listings
  • Uber Eats Promotions
  • Uber eats Multi-Campaigns

Understanding the Uber Eats algorithm

First things first: let's demystify the Uber Eats algorithm.

Think of it like this: Uber Eats wants to provide a seamless dining experience for its users. Just as you appreciate top-notch restaurants, the algorithm loves to promote restaurants that users love. This move from Uber Eats is designed to minimise browsing time and maximise user satisfaction and engagement.

But that's not all. The better your restaurant performs, the higher it climbs in the algorithm's rankings. It's all about providing value, increasing user engagement, and keeping customers coming back for more.

Some key metrics that matter

Now, let's peek into the metrics that Uber Eats’ algorithm values:

  • Gross Orders: the total completed orders in a given time period, multiplied by the average basket size. You can use this metric to measure demand and optimise supply.
  • Missed Order Rate: the number of orders that were not accepted by the restaurant or cancelled by a customer. A biggie! Swiftly accepting orders is music to the algorithm's ears.
  • Order Accuracy: the number of orders where a problem occurred (missing items, wrong orders). Perfect orders lead to satisfied customers. The algorithm strives for accuracy to ensure an exceptional dining experience.
  • Opening Hours: the average time you’re logged into the delivery tablet compared to the opening hours you set on Uber Eats. Consistency pays off. Keeping your virtual doors open during the set hours is a must. No "Closed" signs in the virtual world!
  • Customer Ratings: the ratings from your customers. Feedback speaks volumes. Ratings for the overall experience and specific dishes influence the algorithm's score.

Nailing these metrics propels your restaurant toward algorithmic stardom. And guess what? We've got a guide to help you navigate the algorithm maze.

Strategic ads with Sponsored Listings

Now let's talk ads—your secret weapon for tapping into unexplored customer bases. 

Sponsored Listings on Uber Eats are a type of advertising where restaurants can pay for increased visibility and placement on the Uber Eats app or website. If you choose to sponsor a listing, your restaurant name may show up in search results, featured sections, or even at the top of relevant categories, making it more likely that users will see and order from that restaurant.

The Marketing Tab in Uber Eats Manager is your gateway. Sponsored listings catapult your restaurant's presence to the top, ensuring that your restaurant lands in front of the right eyes at the right time. Your ranking in the app feed depends on factors like relevance and bid strength compared to the bids of other restaurants in your niche, who are also fighting to get their restaurant in front of your target customers.


Data is gold here. Otter’s Analytics solution takes the wheel, helping you refine your strategy with actionable insights. It's like having a backstage pass to customer preferences.

Sponsored listings on Uber Eats give you the power to catch the attention of your ideal customers as they browse the app. When your restaurant gets more orders, you not only improve your operational stats but also increase your chances of moving up in the organic app rankings.

Empower with Promotions

Uber Eats draws attention to restaurants that offer deals.

Uber Eats promotions are tools that allow restaurants to offer users various discounts, deals, and offers. These promotions are designed to attract customers and encourage them to order from your restaurant. Think free delivery, exclusive discounts, and everything in between. 

On Uber Eats, your restaurant can run a variety of promotions, including: 

  • Spend more, save more: this means that the more money your customer spends on an order, the bigger the discount or savings they can receive. For example, they might receive a percentage discount or a fixed amount off their order if they spend a certain minimum amount. 
  • Free item with purchase: this means that if your customer orders certain items or spends a certain amount on the platform, they'll receive one or more additional items for free as part of the promotion.
  • Save on menu items: this means that a certain discount is given on selected items on your menu. These can be popular dishes, new menu additions, or products that you want to highlight.

The algorithm favours restaurants that cater to customers' desire for value, making promotions an effective way to capture attention. The benefits are twofold: they attract new customers and retain existing ones. You can attract new customers by setting your promotion to target only new customers, which could increase your order volume. If you want to increase your average order value, you should target your promotional goals to your existing customers.

Using promotions isn't just about boosting your Gross Orders Rate – it's also a smart strategy to cultivate a loyal customer community, which in turn can give your restaurant's app ratings a solid boost!

Unlock the power of Multi-Campaigns

Feeling spoiled for choice? Uber Eats lets you run multiple campaigns in parallel for greater impact.

Uber Eats presents a buffet of marketing solutions that suit your business goals. And here's a pro tip: you can combine promotions with ads to increase your restaurant’s visibility and boost orders.

Armed with these strategies, your restaurant is poised for greatness on Uber Eats. Embrace the power of sponsored listings, wield the charm of promotions, and embrace a multi-campaign approach.


And guess what? Otter’s Promotions solution is your go to tool.

While we know that Marketing your restaurant on one delivery app may already feel like it’s a full-time job, we know that most restaurants are present on several delivery apps, making the prospect of running campaigns on all of them very difficult.

This is where Otter’s Promotions solution comes into play. With Otter, you can run and optimise campaigns across several delivery apps in just a matter of minutes. Better yet, Otter learns your customers habits as it goes and automatically optimises your campaigns so that your restaurant can reach its full potential.

The digital landscape is dynamic, and your restaurant's growth can flourish like never before. Step into the spotlight with Otter’s Promotions solution and watch your restaurant’s orders grow!

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