Introducing Otter’s Menu Management feature

Our Menu Management solution consolidates all your online menus across locations, brands and platforms into a single place – empowering you to make updates and changes as needed, on the fly.

It’s your menu. Controlling it shouldn't be complicated.

As a restaurateur, we don’t need to tell you about the importance of your menu. It’s one of the first things customers see about your restaurant. It’s a reflection of your brand, the style of your food, and the quality of your business. This is even more true for your delivery menu. When it comes to online ordering, your menu is the only piece of information that customers get and your chance to stand out from thousands of other restaurant listings. However, managing your menu across multiple delivery platforms often feels like a full-time job.

Imagine this. You run a fast food restaurant and want to try a new dish, pulled pork sandwich. In the age of delivery, this means going to a delivery platform, creating a new item, adding its name, uploading a picture, typing out a description, including the price, adding it to a category and a modifier group. You’re not done yet: now you need to follow the same list across all your locations and delivery platforms. Such a repetitive task.

While delivery platforms have likely increased your revenue, they come with a few sides that you didn’t order. Cross-platform menu management being one of them. But managing your online menus shouldn’t be a job in itself: it’s your menu – why shouldn’t you have complete, efficient control over it?

Enter Otter's new Self Serve Menu Management feature

The team at Otter is constantly looking for new ways to benefit your restaurant’s business. As we thought through some of the key tensions that exist in your day to day, the above scenario was top of mind. We understand that today, having full control of your online menu without dealing with intermediaries is critical to your restaurant’s success. That’s why we are launching the Self Serve Menu Management feature within the Otter product suite.

Menu Management is an Otter feature that allows you to create, edit, update, manage and publish menus across multiple delivery platforms. Our Menu Management solution consolidates all your online menus across locations, brands and platforms into a single place – empowering you to make updates and changes as needed, on the fly.

Menu Management also allows you to rename, update pricing and edit modifiers for individual menu items or entire categories if you want to try something new. Easily test new products, categories and pictures. If a specific menu item has been performing well on delivery platforms, you can reorganise your menu to bump it to the top. If something’s been underperforming, you can push it to the bottom or delete it altogether. If a certain category sees an influx of orders during a particular time of the week (think cocktails on the weekends), you can organise your menu to have “drinks” come up first. And when you need to change your digital storefront’s hours because of a rush, holiday, or other unforeseen circumstance, you can do that right from Otter too.

Say goodbye to reviewing menu changes across multiple platforms

Learn what Menu Management can do for your delivery business:

  • Import a menu directly from an existing platform.
  • Create a new menu from scratch.
  • Easily test new products, categories or photos.
  • Select which location will have which menu.
  • Add and remove menu items.
  • Change prices per platform.
  • Add photos and descriptions to your menu items.
  • Create modifier groups and connect them to your items and categories.
  • Add and delete menus.
  • Add tax per item, tags per item and cuisine type.
  • Preview your menu before updating it on the platforms.
  • Push the menu to the platforms you work with.
  • Control your menu immediately without intermediaries.

Take back control of your menu today

Getting started with our new Menu Management feature is simple. Start by importing your menu from an existing delivery platform or creating it from scratch. Next, you will see your delivery menu live on the Otter platform. Take a look at what the user will see, make any final tweaks, and start taking control of your delivery business.

Start managing your menus in one place, reduce time spent reviewing changes and decrease inaccuracies across delivery platforms with Otter’s Menu Management feature.

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