Introducing Otter’s Revamped Reports Solution

Our new Reports Dashboard will help you know how your restaurant is performing today and how you can get more sales.

You work in a restaurant, not a data centre

A fast-paced environment filled with good food, good people, and… tons of spreadsheets?

As a restaurateur, you know that analysing your performance data is a key factor to optimise your business, increase sales and decrease mistakes, but it shouldn’t feel like a full-time job. We’re here to help with that. This week, we’re launching our new Reports dashboard that will automatically be available to every Otter customer. This tool connects to all of your delivery apps to let you see a single, clear, actionable performance report. You will be able to see sales by the hour, check lost revenue from missed orders & order errors, and export all your performance data into a single spreadsheet.

Before we jump into how the tool works, let’s start with why it’s important

Otter partner, Hooters, noticed that they were missing out on $1m of delivery revenue due to missed orders and order errors. Marc Butler, the SVP Strategic Planning & Off Premise at Hooters, knew he needed a solution, but he wasn’t sure where to look. Otter approached Marc, and the franchise began using our Reports tool. Since using this dashboard, order issues decreased by 16.3%, the cost of order issues decreased by 28.1%, cancelled and missed orders decreased by 12.4%, and the cost of cancelled and missed orders decreased by 22% – resulting in an impressive $17k cost savings per month.

Let’s jump into how you can also leverage our new Reports tool to increase sales today.

Welcome to Otter’s revamped Reports solution

Our new, revamped Reports solution includes more in-depth filtering, dynamic graphs, and a robust insights section that is compatible with all web and mobile browsers. Here is what you should expect from the update and how you can benefit from our new Reports features.

The same reports you know and love plus a new lost sales report

The same reports you know & love along with a new lost sales report will live under the new “Reporting” section in Business Manager. This section includes store performance, orders reporting, menu items reporting, lost sales analysis, and availability reports.

  • Store performance: Gain insight into your restaurant’s performance with our new “Gross sales” graph feature. Learn what your total sales would be without deductions such as commissions, adjustments, or other fees. This feature enables you to analyse orders by sales, order volume and average order value.
  • Orders: The “Order volume” graph helps you track the total number of completed orders over any given period of time. With this feature, you will be able to analyse order details by brand, location and channel. Seeing your sales by the hour will help you identify your peak time in order to allocate your staff and resources to meet the demand.
  • Menu Items: Find out what your customers love with the “Top items by unit sold” donut chart. This feature will help you adapt your menu to your customer’s needs and edit your items according to their availability to optimise your menu and decrease cancelled orders.
  • Lost Sales: Know what went wrong by receiving insights on order issues and cancellations. Find the “Lost sales” graph showing sales lost due to operational issues like cancelled, missed, or negatively adjusted orders. Keep in mind that recent lost sales reporting takes 3 days to calculate.
  • Availability: Analyse the percentage of time when your storefronts were online during normal menu hours in the “Uptime” graph. Track the management of your restaurants and avoid any downtime to increase sales.

Our new Reports tool includes various filters that allow you to look at exactly what you’re looking for

Every restaurant is different, which is why our reports are customisable according to your needs. With the new universal data and graph filters, you will be able to quickly identify what you need.

  • Understand what areas of your business need your attention.
  • Manage your data by time period, brand, stores and channels.
  • Gain insight into where you’re performing best.

Each graph within the new Reports dashboard adapts based on two factors: linear vs cumulative and day vs hour. The filters are accessible on the top-right of each graph when you open the report.

Exporting your performance data has never been easier

All the data will now be available for download via the export function in CSV and XLSX formats. You can export data in the table by clicking “Export” from the graph view or the blue download arrow from the table view.

The new Reports tool is available to all customers – what are you waiting for?

The great news is your restaurant already has access to Otter’s new Reports feature—you can find it in the “Reporting” tab within your Business Manager. The team at Otter is constantly building innovative tools to help you stay ahead of your competitors, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer them to you. Stop missing out on money through missed orders, today.


  1. Track orders by the hour
  2. Check lost revenue from missed orders
  3. Export Data
“The beauty of this software service model is you get this great tool that you didn’t pay to develop from scratch at a low cost. With our monthly revenue from refunds it nets out to be very cost-effective for us and we’re seeing a great ROI.”  -Marc Butler, SVP, Strategic Planning & Off Premise, Hooters

Current customers: Dive into your reports by clicking here today!

Future Customers: The team at Otter is here to help you increase efficiency and sales while decreasing stress and chaos. Get started today!

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