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The top 10 Otter features to use for the holidays

November 25, 2021

The top 10 Otter features to use for the holidays

The team at Otter is here to help you navigate the busiest time of the year as effortlessly as possible

The holiday season is around the corner and Otter is here to help you spend less time navigating tablets, tech & spreadsheets and more time with your loved ones. The holiday shopping rush results in the highest restaurant foot traffic of the year, driving an increase in reservations and order volume. From managing holiday shift scheduling, to inventory to addressing customer requests, the team at Otter is here to help you navigate the busiest time of the year as effortlessly as possible. Our features offer restaurant management and optimisation solutions for restaurants of all sizes and types.

Continue reading to find out what Otter features will help you succeed in food delivery this holiday season.

Restaurant holiday sales

Top 10 Otter features for the ‍Holiday season:

1. Simplify the every-day duties of your staff. See all your orders on a single tablet with Order Management. Bring all your delivery apps together so you can manage your online and offline orders from a single place.

“It’s been a life-changing experience for my staff. The consolidation of having one tablet is a blessing, and the analytics tracking is just fantastic. We plan on using it in all our shops and recommend it for anyone looking for an easier way to increase income through delivery.” - Ralph Primo Jr., Primos Donut Shop

2. Try new limited-time-only menu items this season. Manage all your menus in one place with Menu Management. Create, edit, update and manage your menu across all the delivery apps from a single place.

3. Exceed your diners expectations by giving them the most special experience possible.  Reduce missed orders and increase sales with Auto-Accept & Print. Automatically accept all incoming orders and send them straight to the kitchen by connecting Otter to your POS.

Restaurant delivery management tablet

4. Gift your clientele quicker delivery times. Reduce order issues and pickup counter chaos with Handoffs. Prevent overcrowding at your pickup counter and make sure the right order gets to the right person every time.

5. Pause your delivery availability with a single click during a rush. Pause and unpause incoming orders across all of your online services with a single click when your team gets overwhelmed.

“Otter has streamlined my restaurant's online business. It has saved us crucial seconds on everything we do.” - Dean, Little Dessert Shop

6. Try new concepts in the best performing time of the year. Skyrocket your sales with Virtual Brands. Use your existing space, staff and inventory to fulfil more orders in multiple cuisine types under different brand names.

7. Finally take some time off and spend the holidays with your loved ones. See your sales, order issues and store status in real time with Live Monitoring everywhere you go. Receive notifications when stores go offline or other issues arise to minimise ongoing errors and lost sales.

8. Prepare and plan ahead for the top performing items in your restaurant. Get a topline view of your performance with Basic Reporting. See your sales, lost revenue, and performance across your brands, locations, and delivery apps

9. Make sure you’re not missing out on Holiday sales so you’re able to, perhaps, surprise your employees with a small gesture or holiday bonus!  Learn where you’re making, losing & missing money with Advanced Reporting. Utilise multiple data points and get to know your business on a deeper level to increase your profit

"Otter’s ability to uncover insights about order errors and missed orders has saved significant money and time, and the team at Otter is committed to helping us succeed in delivery." - Marc Butler, SVP Strategic Planning & Off Premise, Hooters of America

10. Make sure every part of your (restaurant) machine is running smoothly before the busiest weeks of the year with Otter’s Insights solution. Unlock actionable data to increase sales with Insights. Take advantage of performance data with insights on how you can improve your menu, inventory & staffing strategy and more.

The most wonderful time of the year is the busiest time of the year. Our robust product suite will ensure the holiday season runs smoothly for guests and employees, while also boosting profits. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to stand out amongst competitors, attract more customers or run creative holiday promotions, look no further. The team at Otter is excited to give you the gift of potential increased revenue with the top 8 ways you can increase your restaurant’s revenue this holiday season.

“Otter has allowed us to focus more on the customer, and that's what we're here to do, we're here to bring people joy, and here to make great food.”  - Coby Glasserow, Sales and Marketing Manager,  PLNT Burger

If you're a restaurant looking for new ways to simplify your delivery business, increase sales, and eliminate tablets, we’ve got just the right gift for you. This holiday season, you can try Otter for free. Simply fill out the form below and someone from our team will reach out.

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The top 10 Otter features to use for the holidays

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