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Otter’s advanced restaurant management & optimisation solutions help chain restaurants grow their delivery operation without increasing complexity.
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Learn where you’re making, losing & missing money

Utilise multiple data points and get to know your business on a deeper level to increase your profit. 

  • Know how much commission and net payout you’re getting.
  • Get day-by-day reporting on order details by location and brand.
  • Understand the impact of modifiers on your business & which modifiers pair best with which items.

Say goodbye to order issues and pickup chaos

Handoffs by Otter helps your staff confirm every order going out the door and prevents overcrowding at your pickup counter.

  • Mobile check-in for couriers on arrival.
  • Pickup screen displays wait times and ready orders.
  • Communicates with couriers so your staff doesn’t have to.
Menu Management

Manage menus, all in one place

Otter integrates with delivery apps and web-based ordering platforms allowing you to make menu updates, add and remove items, change prices, and more for any brand or location from a single place.

  • Import or create your delivery menu directly on Otter.
  • Change prices, modifiers, item availability and more.
  • Publish your menu to all your apps with one click.

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