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Otter's restaurant management solutions help small businesses around the globe ensure that they're making the most of food delivery.
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Order Management

See all your orders on a single tablet

Otter brings together delivery apps so you can manage your online and offline orders from a single place. 

  • See all your orders from Uber Eats, Just Eat and more.
  • Set and adjust prep times and store hours.
  • Mark orders as ready and request a courier.


Learn where you’re making, losing & missing money

Utilise multiple data points and get to know your business on a deeper level to increase your profit. 

  • Know how much commission and net payout you’re getting.
  • Get day-by-day reporting on order details by location and brand.
  • Understand the impact of modifiers on your business & which modifiers pair best with which items.
Auto Accept & Print

Automatically accept all incoming orders and send them straight to the kitchen by connecting Otter to your POS.

  • Turn on auto-accept so you don’t miss a single order.
  • Send all your orders directly to your POS automatically.
  • Auto-print your order tickets to decrease errors.

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