Getting started

Ready to get started with your new Otter tablet?

Keep scrolling to see a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Otter today.

Let’s begin with the basics


Unbox your tablet & press the power button to turn it on


Connect to your wifi network through settings


Open the Otter app and log in with your username & password

Tip: Your username and password can be found on the back of your tablet.
Can’t find your username or password? Click below or email

Logged in successfully?

Great! Now let’s look at how you can start using your tablet with ease.
Tablet layout

Navigate the tabs

Welcome to Otter’s Order Manager! The tabs within the Otter tablet are organised to make staying on top of your delivery business as efficient as possible.

  • Tap the three horizontal line icon in the left upper corner of your screen (☰).
  • This will open a side menu with different tabs: Orders, Menu, History, Reports, Integrations, Settings, and Help. Keep reading to learn more about each section.
Printer setup

Set up your printer

Getting started with your Otter printer is simple.

  • Plug in the printer & power it on.
  • Connect to Bluetooth via the Bluetooth icon.
  • Open the Otter app, click the printer icon and select your device model.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to get connected.
Printer Help Center
Sales channels

Connect your delivery platforms

Ready to connect your delivery services?

  • Reach out to our support team using the chat bubble on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Write to our team stating which delivery platforms you want to add and your login details.
  • Our team will connect your delivery platforms for you.
  • Once connected, orders from this platform will flow through your tablet and into your analytics.
“Orders” tab

Follow your orders

  • On the Order Manager menu, click on the “Orders” tab.
  • You can see your active orders (“pending” and “preparing”) and your completed orders.
  • Pending orders are those that have yet to be accepted. To accept an order, click on it and push “accept.” We recommend activating auto-accept (see the "Integrations" tab section for more info).
  • Tap into any order to see more details. You can look into the courier and customer information, reprint a ticket, mark an order ready for pick up, cancel it or mark it as complete.
“Menu” tab

Manage your menu

  • On the Order Manager menu, click on the “Menu” tab.
  • Find items using the search feature or simply scroll to select.
  • Mark an item as “unavailable” or “available” again. Just tap on the item and click “change availability.” You can choose to make an item unavailable for the day or indefinitely.
  • At the top, you can monitor your item availability. Simply click on “available” or “unavailable” and you will switch between these views.
  • If you have multiple brands, switch between brands in the top left.

Note: this feature might not show on your device. If you want it enabled, please contact our team at or through the chat bubble on the bottom left of the screen.

Want to watch the full Order Manager introduction video? Click here

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