Increase your sales on delivery apps

Otter's marketing solution, Promotions, automatically creates, runs, and optimises your restaurant’s promotions on delivery apps.

Rank higher on delivery apps

Otter's best-in-class marketing solution automatically optimises your restaurant’s promotions based on customer behaviour.

Reach your customer base

Promotions helps your storefront appear higher in the delivery app feed when a customer searches for your cuisine type.

Marketing made easy

Promotions analyses performance data from thousands of storefronts and gets smarter over time to ensure you're getting more orders and increasing sales in the most efficient way.

Save time

Promotions automatically sets your promotions and provides a centralised reporting suite that allows you to effortlessly view performance across all of your brands, locations, and delivery platforms.

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Say goodbye to the guesswork involved in running marketing campaigns

We run smart promotions for your restaurant so you can have more time in your day.

No time for marketing?

Automatically schedule and run promotions on autopilot.

Sick of wasting marketing dollars on promotions that don't work?

Optimise your promotions using real data from your restaurant and competitors.

Have trouble reaching new customers?

Promotions helps you grow your online presence, drive growth, and boost your ranking on delivery apps.

“Otter has been a great partner for us since day one. When you can take out the hassle of having to use six or seven different tablets, that makes the process much simpler for restaurant owners.”
Dhruv Kohli
Country Head for the UK and India at Geezy

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