Take control of delivery and protect quality

Otter Couriers & Logistics automatically sends orders to your choice of delivery partner for flexible, high-quality options without the headache of manual labor.

Fast, simple and flexible delivery options

From fleet management to on demand driver networks, Otters courier and logistics integrations help reduce cost and improve customer experience.

Take control

Manage existing drivers or access on demand driver networks to send orders out the door and safely into your customers hands.

Manage Costs

Flexible driver options with transparent pricing to optimise costs and scale without sacrificing quality.

Protect Quality

Reliable and fast delivery driver options to provide a superior experience for your customers.

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Dispatch orders to your preferred delivery service automatically

Automatically send online and delivery orders to integrated partners of your choosing for seamless delivery dispatch.

Delivery fees and commissions getting out of hand?

Otters Couriers & Logistics partners allow you to focus on increasing your direct online orders without worrying about increasing costs per order.

Struggling to find drivers to keep up with demand?

Integrate with fulfilment platforms to send orders to their on-demand network of fast and reliable drivers with fair and transparent pricing.

Looking to have more control over customer experience?

Use in-house delivery drivers to have more control over your customers' experience.

“It's very easy to manage the delivery partners and the riders. Since teaming up with Otter, delivery is more efficient.”

Y the Yemeni Coffee Co

“Otter has been a great partner for us since day one. When you can take out the hassle of having to use six or seven different tablets, that makes the process much simpler for restaurant owners.”
Dhruv Kohli
Country Head for the UK and India at Geezy

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