Increase your sales by minimising offline stores

Get notified whenever your stores go down so you never miss an order.

Never let an issue slip past you

Reactivate offline stores quickly and easily.

Improve your availability

Most restaurants discover their downtime on delivery platforms only after it happens. Get notified instantly via WhatsApp whenever one of your stores goes down.

Stay on top of your operations

Stay on top of your operations with an exhaustive real-time view of all your locations and daily lost revenues. See where you’re losing money to plug gaps immediately.

Keep everyone in the loop

Increase your uptime by as much as 7%. Set up an automated customisable escalation path with your store managers so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Simplify your store status management

Make it easy for your staff to keep an eye on all your stores on every delivery partner.

Losing sales due to offline stores?

Get push notifications on WhatsApp when stores go down, and bring them back online instantly.

No visibility on how much you’re losing?

See all your stores and their statuses on a live map and a report on lost sales for the period.

Tired of long setup times?

Recover your investment in no time with fast and easy onboarding. 

“Live Alerts enables the HQ and the store owner to monitor the restaurant’s activity and uptime. Our staff became more aware of the importance to open and close the store at the right time. Thanks to Otter we reached an uptime score of 98% on delivery platforms.” 

Head of Operations, Chicken Street

“Otter has been a great partner for us since day one. When you can take out the hassle of having to use six or seven different tablets, that makes the process much simpler for restaurant owners.”
Dhruv Kohli
Country Head for the UK and India at Geezy

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