Keep track of your sales by the hour

Otter's Live Alerts solution shows you how your restaurant is doing in real-time, so you never miss an emergency.

Stay in the loop with automatic notifications

Otter's live monitoring solution lets you see your sales, order issues and store status in real-time.

See minute-by-minute sales across all your stores

Keep track and see your restaurant's sales in real-time.

Receive push notifications when stores close

Receive push notifications when stores go down.

Increase operational efficiency

See and manage delivery orders directly from your POS—all within the one dashboard.

View integrations

Stay in the loop with live monitoring

Otter can automatically notify you and your managers when stores go offline or other issues arise.

Tired of missed orders?

Receive a push notification when stores go down to avoid missed orders.

Need extra hands?

Resolve issues in real-time with 24/7 access to the Otter customer success team.

Sick of waiting 30 days for reporting?

Get real-time reports to make data-driven decisions today.

“Without Otter, it would be very tricky for Geezy to grow. They’ve built a solid system that helps restaurants manage their operations from one single tablet. I think it's amazing.” 
Dhruv Kohli


“Otter has been a great partner for us since day one. When you can take out the hassle of having to use six or seven different tablets, that makes the process much simpler for restaurant owners.”
Dhruv Kohli
Country Head for the UK and India at Geezy

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