Otter’s delivery management solution is best-in-class

Learn how our innovation and expertise sets us apart.

Order management

Manage all your online and offline orders in one single place.

Tailored analytics

Get access to superior performance reports that are visual & actionable.

Unique expansion opportunities

Otter integrates with your point of sale, delivery, and direct-to-consumer sales apps in one easy dashboard.

Robust product suite

Take control of your delivery business — reducing order issues, increasing sales, and decreasing delivery headaches.

Global coverage

Otter supports thousands of restaurants across the world.

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Global coverage

Otter supports thousands of restaurants across the world

Unique expansion opportunities

We partner with key POS and D2Cs, virtual brands, and delivery kitchens with Cloudkitchens & FutureFoods

Tailored analytics

Superior performance reports that are visual & actionable

Actionable insights

Otter Insights provides best-in-class custom data & analytics

Robust product suite

Otter offers solutions that help you succeed in delivery across aggregation, order management, integration, insights & more

All your online ordering solutions in a single place

Otter integrates with them all.


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Why restaurants like you are switching to Otter

Otter is the all-in-one solution you need at a price you can afford

Track performance in real time with live data

Monitor your delivery performance across platforms with real time updates on sales, orders, cancellations and store status to optimise your business throughout the course of the day.

Auto-accept and print your orders

Increase revenue by eliminating errors in order fulfilment with auto-accept and print.

Manage your menu with a few clicks

Import your menu, edit menu items, remove menu items,  and update modifiers across platforms, brands and locations in a single place.

Partner with a dedicated account manager

Receive round the clock premium support from a dedicated account manager who will do whatever it takes to help you succeed in delivery.