Manage your Uber Eats delivery orders with Otter

Uber Eats restaurant manager for merchants integrates with Otter, consolidating all your delivery apps into one tablet.
• Your Uber Eats restaurant insights from a single dashboard
• Get your Uber Eats orders integrated to your POS
• Consolidating Deliveroo and your other delivery apps in one tablet
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Unlock actionnable insights to increase sales on Uber Eats

Otter insights gives you a 360 view of how your restaurant is performing.

  • Access best-in-class performance data and analytics
  • Monitor your performance across brand, location & delivery app
  • See actionable insights that will take your business to the next level

Get your Uber Eats orders integrated to your POS

Automatically accept all incoming orders and send them straight to the kitchen by connecting Uber Eats to your POS.

  • Turn on auto-accept so you don’t miss a single order.
  • Send all your orders directly to your POS automatically.
  • Auto-print your order tickets to decrease errors.

See all your orders on a single tablet

Otter brings together delivery apps so you can manage your online and offline orders from a single place.

  • See all your orders from Uber Eats, Just Eat and more.
  • Set and adjust prep times and store hours.
  • Mark orders as ready and request a courier.

Otter integrates with them all.

Otter seamlessly integrates with food delivery apps, point-of-sale systems, and most major online & delivery platforms. Everything your restaurant needs to succeed.

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... plus many more!

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