Increase productivity

with highly advanced

management features

Optimise operations in the most efficient way possible with Otter’s order handoff & aggregation solutions, menu management tools, and auto-accept capabilities.
Order ManagementOrder Management

See all your orders on a single tablet

Otter brings together delivery apps so you can manage your online and offline orders from a single place. 

  • See all your orders from Uber Eats, Just Eat and more.
  • Set and adjust prep times and store hours.
  • Mark orders as ready and request a courier.


Say goodbye to order issues and pickup chaos

Handoffs by Otter helps your staff confirm every order going out the door and prevents overcrowding at your pickup counter.

  • Mobile check-in for couriers on arrival.
  • Pickup screen displays wait times and ready orders.
  • Communicates with couriers so your staff doesn’t have to.
Menu ManagementMenu Management

Manage menus, all in one place

Otter integrates with delivery apps and web-based ordering platforms allowing you to make menu updates, add and remove items, change prices, and more for any brand or location from a single place.

  • Import or create your delivery menu directly on Otter.
  • Change prices, modifiers, item availability and more.
  • Publish your menu to all your apps with one click.

Seeing is believing

Hear from the chefs and entrepreneurs growing their restaurant business with Otter.
“Otter has streamlined my restaurant's online business. It has saved us crucial seconds on everything we do.”
Little Dessert Shop

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